Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 0.62454500SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 0.981023037BUCK PULSE-WIDTH MODULATOR (PWM)file
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.38606000BUCK PULSE-WIDTH MODULATOR (PWM)file
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.05301878Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable (Fixed) 1.25V (3.3V) 1 Output 250mA 8-SOICfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 17.76471948Switched-Capacitor Voltage Convertersfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.960011160MICROPOWER BOOST CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.07808103SOT-23-6 Gatesfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.0160460Charge-Pump Inverter 1.5V to 5.5V 25mA 5-Pin SOT-23file
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.539041705Switched Capacitor Converter, 5kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDIP8file
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.00604164SOP-8 Signal Switches / Encoders & Decoders / Multiplexersfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.17706743STEP-DOWN CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.32105370SOT-23-5 Signal Switches / Encoders & Decoders / Multiplexersfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.95107650STEP-DOWN CONVERTERfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 2.40303780SWITCHED-CAP VOLTAGE CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.90808160LTC104 - Switched Capacitor Converter, 5kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDSO8file
Maxim Integrated$ 2.85077500Switching Voltage Regulators High current, multi-phase DC/DC step-down converterfile
Renesas Electronics$ 7.18002244Switching Regulator IC Outputfile
Renesas Electronics$ 1.188030128MOSFET N-CH SMDfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.583713275MICROPOWER BOOST CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 36.81903222ADJUSTABLE OUT SWITCHING REGfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.624514109MICROPOWER BOOST CONVERTERfile
Texas Instruments$ 2.07904782SWITCHING REGULATOR, VOLTAGE-MODfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.31301652MAX8640 TINY 500MA, 4MHZ/2MHZ SYfile
Texas Instruments$ 2.439013690TO-263-5 DC-DC Convertersfile
Texas Instruments$ 3.52801560SWITCHING REGULATOR, VOLTAGE-MODfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.87103018STEP-DOWN DC-DC CONTROLLERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.907010174PWM DC-TO-DC STEP-DOWN CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.90704089PWM DC-TO-DC STEP-DOWN CONVERTERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.90703486PWM DC-TO-DC STEP-DOWN CONVERTERfile
Total 37019
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DC DC Switching Regulators Overview
DC-DC switching regulators are used to efficiently convert one voltage level to another within a direct current (DC) electrical system. They are commonly employed in various electronic devices and power supplies to step up or step down voltages while minimizing power loss and maintaining stable output voltages. Higher-capacity regulators with advanced features tend to be more expensive, while basic regulators with limited functionality are more budget-friendly. When purchasing DC-DC switching regulators, it's essential to consider several factors. Firstly, determine the required output voltage range and current capacity to meet the power requirements of your system or device. Secondly, evaluate the efficiency and thermal characteristics of the regulator to ensure reliable and stable operation. Finally, consider additional features like input/output protection, adjustable output voltage, and compatibility with your application's power management needs.