Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 1.38609000UC2714 Complementary Switch FET Driversfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.161010038SSOP-16-150mil-0.635mm Interface - Specializedfile
Intersil Corporation$ 2.03405352HB BASED PERIPHERAL DRIVERfile
Intersil Corporation$ 2.03405184HIP5015 - HB Based Peripheral Driver With PWM, 7A, MOSfile
Intersil Corporation$ 2.052010411HIP5011 - HB Based Peripheral Driver With PWM, 17A, NMOSfile
Intersil Corporation$ 3.94201840HB BASED PERIPHERAL DRIVERfile
International Rectifier(IR)$ 0.93603990SOP-8 Interface - Specializedfile
Infineon TechnologiesN/A2831HALF-BRIDGE PERIPHERAL DRIVERfile
Infineon Technologies$ 1.3731995PDIP-8 Interface - Specializedfile
International Rectifier(IR)$ 7.78931800SOP-8 Interface - Specializedfile
Texas Instruments$ 14.44501640BUS DRIVER, TTLfile
Infineon TechnologiesN/A1684IR_HSS-LSS-GATEDRIVERfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 0.387042941FAN3122T - BUFFER/INVERTER BASEDfile
Maxim Integrated$ 0.12295131SINGLE-PHASE, SYNCHRONOUS MOSFETfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.26004704HALF BRIDGE BASED MOSFET DRIVER,file
Microchip Technology$ 3.33011598DUAL 1.5A-PEAK LOW-SIDE MOSFET Dfile
Maxim Integrated$ 6.81307631BUFFER/INVERTER BASED MOSFET DRIfile
Maxim Integrated$ 7.056018901MAX5078 4A, 20NS, MOSFET DRIVERfile
Microchip Technology$ 3.746058IttyBitty™ High-Side MOSFET Driverfile
Maxim Integrated$ 0.51193849SINGLE-PHASE, SYNCHRONOUS MOSFETfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.573311310HALF BRIDGE BASED MOSFET DRIVER,file
Microchip TechnologyN/A1131DUAL 3A-PEAK LOW-SIDE MOSFET DRIfile
Microchip Technology$ 5.16167726LOW-COST HIGH OR LOW-SIDE MOSFETfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.053013407SINGLE-PHASE SYNCHRONOUS MOSFETfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.05307500SINGLE-PHASE SYNCHRONOUS MOSFETfile
Intersil Corporation$ 1.143028768BUFFER/INVERTER BASED MOSFET DRIfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 0.118616274Low Side MOSFET 2A 40V 2A SOT-323-6 Gate Drive ICsfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 0.333023665Low Side MOSFET 2A 40V 2A SOT-23-6 Gate Drive ICsfile
Dialog Semiconductor$ 0.369022809IC GATE DRVR HIGH-SIDE 8TDFNfile
Total 6457
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Gate Drivers for Power MOSFETs and IGBTs Overview
Gate Drivers for Power MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) and IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) are designed to control the switching of these power semiconductor devices. They provide the necessary voltage and current levels to the gate terminals of MOSFETs and IGBTs, ensuring fast and efficient switching operations. Gate drivers play a crucial role in power electronics applications such as motor control, power supplies, inverters, and converters, where precise control of switching transitions is essential for optimal performance and reliability. Gate drivers with higher channel counts, faster switching speeds, advanced protection features, and robust isolation mechanisms may have higher price points compared to basic gate drivers with standard functionalities. When purchasing these gate drivers, consider the specific requirements of your power electronics system. Determine the voltage and current ratings of your MOSFETs or IGBTs, the required switching speeds, and the level of isolation needed for safe operation. Evaluate features such as input/output logic compatibility (e.g., TTL, CMOS), fault reporting mechanisms, and thermal management capabilities for efficient and reliable gate driving.