Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Harris Semiconductor$ 3.13201410380V/2.5A PEAK, HIGH FREQUENCY FUfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 3.13203906PDIP-20 Interface - Specializedfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 3.3210195680V/2.5A PEAK, HIGH FREQUENCY FULL BRIDGE FET DRIVERfile
Texas Instruments$ 6.40801918FULL BRIDGE PERIPHERAL DRIVERfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.69101434PDIP-20 Interface - Specializedfile
Harris SemiconductorN/A172780V, 1.25A PEAK CURRENT H-BRIDGEfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.43852237Fast CMOS Bus Interface Registersfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.43851867Fast CMOS Bus Interface Registersfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.76401608PDIP-20 Interface - Specializedfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 4.98604476IC BRIDGE DRIVER PAR 28HSOPfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 2.49308880IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 55A PPAKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 2.42108499INTEGRATED POWER STAGE POWERPAKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 1.38228628IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 50A PPAKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 1.38057881IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 50A PPAKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 0.087188264.5V~5.5V MLP55-31L(5x5) Gate Drive ICsfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 2.46608820IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 50A PPAKfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 6.88001511IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 1A HRP7file
STMicroelectronics$ 2.054396000V~5V QFN-16-EP(3x3) Gate Drive ICsfile
STMicroelectronics$ 1.615513914IC HALF BRIDGE DRV 1.3A 16VFQFPNfile
Monolithic Power Systems(MPS)$ 2.345615000IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 5.5A 40QFNfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 2.71809180IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 60A PPAKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 1.131351424.5V~5.5V MLP66-40(6x6) Gate Drive ICsfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 3.38404473IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 28HSOPfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.54803657830 V 25 A SON 5 x 6 mm synchronous buck NexFET™ power stagefile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 7.5800546IC HALF BRIDGE DRIVER 500MA HRP7file
Vishay Intertechnology$ 3.159089704.5V~5.5V MLP55-31L(5x5) Gate Drive ICsfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 3.149136576V~15V HSOP-25-5.4mm Gate Drive ICsfile
STMicroelectronics$ 3.96008517600mA 2.8V~36V VFQFPN-32(5x5) Motor Driver ICsfile
Renesas Electronics$ 5.058010810IC MOSFET DRVR 12V 40A 56-QFNfile
Total 1244
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Full and Half-Bridge Drivers Overview
Full and Half-Bridge Drivers are designed to control the operation of power electronic devices such as MOSFETs or IGBTs in electronic systems. Full-Bridge Drivers are used to drive four power switches arranged in a bridge configuration, enabling bidirectional current flow and precise control over motor drives, inverters, and power supplies. Half-Bridge Drivers control two power switches, allowing unidirectional current flow and commonly used in applications like DC-DC converters, lighting control, and motor control. One primary factor influencing price is the maximum current and voltage ratings supported by the driver, with higher-power drivers capable of handling larger loads typically commanding higher prices. When purchasing the drivers, assess the power requirements and voltage/current ratings of your power electronic devices to choose a compatible driver with sufficient output capability. Consider the switching frequency and switching speed requirements of your application for smooth and efficient operation. Evaluate the driver's protection features to ensure reliability and safety in high-current or high-voltage applications. Additionally, consider factors such as thermal management, input/output interface compatibility, support for PWM control, and synchronization options for multi-phase systems.