Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Intel Corporation$ 328.13103180GRAPHICS PROCESSOR PQFP132file
ROHM Semiconductor$ 68.0892576IC SYSTEM LSI RECORDER 144VQFPfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.895012000Driver - Video Interface ICsfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.1100126Standard Definition Video Reconstruction Filters and Buffersfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.286037326MAX7453 Triple-Channel Video Reconstruction Filter and Buffer For Composite and Y/C Outputsfile
Maxim Integrated$ 7.14001395serial SOT-23-8 Video Interface ICsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 22.32007047Video IC 120-PPGA (34.16x34.16) Packagefile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.51707500PC BOARD EQUALIZERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 9.36001501MAX3785 6.25 Giga Bits Per Second, 1.8V Pc Board Equalizerfile
Maxim Integrated$ 32.43605868PC BOARD EQUALIZERfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.440020938TV/VCR TUNER MOP ICfile
Renesas Electronics$ 11.41417200M5243AFP09 - 3 Element Dual Channel Graphic Equalizerfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.53003546VIDEO IF AMPLIFIERfile
Renesas Electronics$ 5.077665SYNC SEPARATOR ICfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.53904191TV Signal Processor, Video IC Packagefile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.557054185CONSUMER CIRCUIT, PDSO20file
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.55709540TSSOP-20 Video Interface ICsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.575029013TSSOP-28 Video Interface ICsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.57508805TSSOP-20 Video Interface ICsfile
Gennum Corp.$ 1.62003279SYNC SEPARATOR IC, PDIP8file
Renesas Electronics$ 12.584712000DUAL CHANNEL GRAPHIC EQUALIZERfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.91807800TELECOM CIRCUIT, 1-FUNC, PQCC48file
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.737010116SSOP-28 Video Interface ICsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.73706975SSOP-28 Video Interface ICsfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 14.319010911SILICON TUNERfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 3.8600689SILICON TUNERfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.79105562PDIP-24 Video Interface ICsfile
Onsemi$ 1.80901920VIDEO INTERFACE ICSfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.80901693LQFP-32(7x7) Video Interface ICsfile
Total 2705
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Video Processing ICs Overview
Video Processing ICs, also known as Video ICs, are designed to handle various aspects of video signal processing. They perform functions like video decoding, encoding, scaling, color correction, frame rate conversion, and image enhancement. Video Processing ICs play a crucial role in delivering high-quality video output and improving the overall viewing experience in multimedia devices. One primary factor influencing price is the complexity and functionality of the IC. Video ICs with advanced features such as 4K resolution support, HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing, advanced color space conversion, and motion estimation/motion compensation capabilities typically command higher prices due to their enhanced performance. When purchasing these ICs, assess your specific video processing requirements based on the intended application. Consider factors such as the desired video resolution, color depth, frame rate, and compatibility with video standards. Evaluate the IC's features such as video encoding/decoding formats supported, input/output interfaces, and power consumption to ensure it meets your system's needs.