Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Renesas Electronics$ 2.54706734SOIC-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.05303774VIDEO AMPLIFIER, 1 CHANNEL(S), 1file
Texas Instruments$ 1.494012000Quad, 13-V, 15.4-MHz, high output current operational amplifier for TFT LCD applicationsfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.557014916Quad, 13-V, 15.4-MHz, high output current operational amplifier for TFT LCD applicationsfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.61164795018-V Supply Multi-Channel Gamma Correction Bufferfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.8190681685mA 140MHz 3 DIP-28 Video Amplifiersfile
Rochester Electronics$ 0.829454995.2mA Differential 450MHz SOP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 0.95405313MAX9502 2.5V VIDEO AMPLIFIERfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.7337118655 Channel LCD Gamma Correction Buffer +Vcomfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.981025270Voltage Feedback Amplifier 2 Circuit Rail-to-Rail 8-VSSOPfile
California Eastern Laboratories(CEL)$ 1.06209197SSOP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Renesas Electronics$ 1.089039918General Purpose 5V 100MHz AGC Amplifierfile
Macom®$ 1.4985900060mA 1 SOT-89 Video Amplifiersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.17006408ANALOG CIRCUIT, 1 FUNC, PDSO8file
Renesas Electronics$ 1.17001927QFN-44(7x7) Video Amplifiersfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.179013017CURRENT FEEDBACK VIDEO AMPLIFIERfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.206043200109mA 100MHz 1 QSOP-20 Video Amplifiersfile
Renesas Electronics$ 1.323018000BUFFER AMPLIFIERfile
Rochester Electronics$ 1.32305904PDIP-14 Video Amplifiersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.323075008mA 400MHz 1 - Video Amplifiersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.350096001.6mA 135MHz 2 MDIP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.3590157015.8mA 400MHz 2 SOP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.39506901ADG8506 - 6-Channel, Muxed Input Line Inversion LCD Gamma Buffersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.395043803.2mA 160MHz 2 MDIP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Intersil Corporation$ 1.440067611mA 70MHz 4 PDIP-14 Video Amplifiersfile
Intersil Corporation$ 1.440039541mA 70MHz 4 SOIC-14 Video Amplifiersfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.458024803109mA 100MHz 1 QSOP-20 Video Amplifiersfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.494016289OP AMP, 1 FUNC, BIPOLAR, PDSO8file
Renesas Electronics$ 1.50301990BUFFER AMPLIFIERfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 1.51205700PDIP-8 Video Amplifiersfile
Total 1592
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Video Amplifiers Overview
Video Amplifiers are designed to process and amplify video signals in electronic devices such as TVs, monitors, cameras, and video projectors. These amplifiers are crucial for maintaining signal integrity, enhancing picture quality, and ensuring accurate color reproduction in video applications. They are optimized to handle the unique characteristics of video signals, including high-frequency components and varying voltage levels, to deliver clear and vibrant video output. Basic video amplifier models with standard performance may be more affordable, while advanced amplifiers with higher bandwidth, lower noise levels, and additional features like adjustable gain or bandwidth compensation may command a higher price. When purchasing Video Amplifiers, prioritize factors like bandwidth and frequency response for signal fidelity, noise performance for clear video quality, and adjustability features such as gain control for customization. Ensure compatibility with your video signal standards and interfaces.