Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Dallas Semiconductor$ 1.530082IC TERM SCSI ULTRA3 LVD 28TSSOPfile
Dallas Semiconductor$ 2.98803210IC TERM SCSI ULT3 LVD/SE 48-LQFPfile
Maxim IntegratedN/A70IC TERM SCSI LVD/SE ULT-3 36SSOPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 7.7375847IC TERM SCSI ULT3 LVD/SE 48-LQFPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.70641132IC TERM SCSI LVD/SE ULT3 28TSSOPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 10.90771179IC TERM PLUG/PLAY SCSI 28-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.05201917IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 7.04492622IC TERMINATOR SCSI 20-TSSOPfile
Maxim IntegratedN/A64IC TERM SCSI DIFF/SWITCH 24-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 6.64001517IC TERM SCSI LVD/SE 48-LQFPfile
Maxim IntegratedN/A45IC TERM SCSI LVD/SE 48-LQFPfile
Dallas Semiconductor$ 4.244837IC TERMINATOR SCSI 20-TSSOPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 6.15091282IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Dallas Semiconductor$ 1.80001588IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 6.18982569IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.10001510IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Maxim IntegratedN/A65IC TERMINATOR SCSI 16-SOICfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.84321549IC SCSI TERMINATOR 16-SOICfile
Texas Instruments$ 6.23707113IC TERMINATOR SCSI 28SOICfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A83IC TERMINATOR SCSI 28SOICfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A49IC TERMINATOR SCSI 28SOICfile
Texas Instruments$ 4.46407434IC TERMINATOR SCSI 24DIPfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A75IC TERMINATOR SCSI 24DIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.83206615IC TERMINATOR SCSI 28PLCCfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A86IC TERMINATOR SCSI 9LINE 16SOICfile
Texas Instruments$ 3.348025830IC TERMINATOR SCSI 9LINE 16SOICfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A65IC TERMINATOR SCSI 9LINE 16SOICfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A46IC TERMINATOR SCSI 9LINE 16DIPfile
Texas InstrumentsN/A21IC TERMINATOR SCSI 9LINE 16DIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 3.67206750IC TERMINATOR SCSI 28PLCCfile
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SCSI Terminators Overview
SCSI terminators are used in SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) systems to properly terminate the SCSI bus. The SCSI bus is a high-speed parallel interface used to connect peripheral devices like hard drives, tape drives, and scanners to a computer or server. SCSI terminators play a critical role in ensuring signal integrity, preventing data corruption, and optimizing the performance of SCSI devices by properly terminating the signal lines. The pricing of SCSI terminators can vary based on several factors such as the type of SCSI standard supported (e.g., SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3), the speed rating, and whether they are passive or active terminators. Passive terminators, which consist of resistors, are generally more affordable and suitable for slower SCSI speeds. Active terminators, which include electronic components to actively maintain termination impedance across a range of SCSI speeds, may be more expensive but are necessary for higher-speed SCSI configurations. When purchasing the terminators, ensure compatibility with the SCSI standard and speed used in your SCSI system. Choose between passive or active terminators based on the SCSI speed requirements and system configuration. Verify the number of terminators needed depending on the SCSI topology.