Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Motorola, Inc.$ 1.81805112ANALOG CIRCUIT, 1 FUNC, CMOS, PDfile
Maxim Integrated$ 18.9400996TQFN-12(3x3) ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Texas Instruments$ 7.32607455PGA300 Signal Conditioner and Transmitter for Pressure Sensorsfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.46309456Ultrasonic signal processor and transducer driverfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.92203198Automotive ultrasonic signal processor and transducer driverfile
Texas Instruments$ 9.04501966Signal Conditioner for Resistive Sensing With Digital and Analog Outputsfile
Renesas Electronics$ 9.17101974IC TOF SIGNAL PROCESSOR 24QFNfile
Texas Instruments$ 9.29704500Programmable resistive sensing conditioner with digital and analog outputsfile
Maxim Integrated$ 9.126015613SOP-8 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 17.31601519PDIP-8 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Maxim Integrated$ 18.01804881SSOP-16 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Analog Devices, Inc.N/A1866PDIP-8 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 21.69908823LFCSP-48 Video Interface ICsfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.91801530SOP-16 Specialized Sensorsfile
Texas Instruments$ 2.74508940Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor Signal Conditioning IC for Closed-Loop Applicationsfile
Texas Instruments$ 3.58205067Automotive Ultrasonic Sensing Analog Front End for Level and Concentration Sensingfile
Texas Instruments$ 4.662011124Ultrasonic Sensor Signal Processor with Integrated Microcontroller (MCU)file
Texas Instruments$ 7.749018000Programmable resistive sensing conditioner with digital and analog outputsfile
Maxim Integrated$ 6.03904722QSOP-16 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Azoteq (Pty) Ltd.$ 3.3743981PROXFUSION: 2 X CAPACITIVE, HALLfile
Azoteq (Pty) Ltd.$ 1.17207806 CHANNEL INDUCTIVE BASED RELATIfile
Allegro MicroSystems$ 2.286012595MAG SWITCH PRES SENSOR INTERFACEfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 2.67301549ANALOG CIRCUIT, 1 FUNC, PDSO16file
Intersil Corporation$ 7.28001505ANALOG CIRCUIT, BIPOLAR, PDSO20file
Microchip Technology$ 2.934016762QFN-20-EP(5x5) ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.18406300Single Supply, Auto-Zero Sensor Amplifier w/Programmable Gain & Offsetfile
Texas Instruments$ 9.32001504ANALOG CIRCUIT, BIPOLAR, PDSO28file
Renesas Electronics$ 4.77008436SOP-20 ADC/DAC - Specializedfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 5.400923662SIMPLIFIED PPG FROM COOLIDGEfile
Renesas Electronics$ 13.22001750UNIVERSAL SENSOR CONDITIONERfile
Total 1470
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Sensor and Detector Interfaces Overview
Sensor and Detector Interfaces are designed to facilitate communication between sensors or detectors and a larger electronic system. These interfaces act as a bridge, translating the signals from sensors into a format that can be easily understood and processed by microcontrollers or other electronic devices. The price of Sensor and Detector Interfaces can vary widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the interface, the type of sensors it supports, and the manufacturer. Prices may range from a few dollars for simple interfaces to several hundred dollars for more advanced or specialized interfaces. It's essential to consider your specific application needs and budget when exploring the available options. Consider compatibility, communication protocols, power consumption, accuracy, and other application-specific factors when selecting an interface for your project.