Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 3.39303771DUAL FOUR INPUT EXPANDERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 3.4380113098-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Renesas Electronics$ 27.43761594912-BIT I/O EXPANDERfile
Renesas Electronics$ 27.58402627624-BIT I/O EXPANDERfile
Renesas Electronics$ 27.58406818R8A66156SP 24 BIT I/O EXPANDER Wfile
Renesas Electronics$ 29.120512287I/O EXPANDERfile
Standard Microsystems(SMSC)$ 3.807011466ENHANCED SUPER I/O WITH LPC INTEfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.01404827MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 32.63401706MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Intersil Corporation$ 4.158018398IC XPNDR 24DIPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.46407980MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.66206000MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Intersil Corporation$ 4.806042582ASYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATIONS INTEfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.860019200MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.86001887MULTI-PORT I/O EXPANDERfile
Texas Instruments$ 4.932018935PARALLEL I/O PORT, 12 I/O, TTL,file
Texas Instruments$ 5.11207159PARALLEL I/O PORT, 12 I/O, TTLfile
Standard Microsystems(SMSC)$ 5.193041468ENHANCED SUPER I/O WITH LPC INTEfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 5.76003849IC XPNDR PARALLEL 24DIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 6.039012501PARALLEL I/O PORT, 12 I/O, TTLfile
Texas Instruments$ 7.81208538PARALLEL IO PORT, 8-BIT, CMOSfile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.77801178426MHz SPI SSOP-28 I/O Expandersfile
Harris Semiconductor$ 33.08405520PARALLEL I/O PORT, 8-BIT, 8 I/O,file
Intel Corporation$ 56.20501832I/O EXPANDERfile
Maxim Integrated$ 54.5130947710 PORT SAS EXPANDER AT 1.5GBPSfile
Rochester Electronics$ 100.20601954DUAL FOUR INPUT EXPANDERfile
Rochester Electronics$ 115.61401933PARALLEL I/O PORT, 16 I/O, MOS,file
Rochester Electronics$ 176.97601754DUAL FOUR INPUT EXPANDERfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.583414830IC I/O EXPANDER 16BIT 24UFBGAfile
Total 1099
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I/O Expanders Overview
I/O Expanders, short for Input/Output Expanders, are designed to increase the number of input and output pins available to a microcontroller or other digital devices. These expanders are commonly used in electronic systems where the existing number of I/O pins on a microcontroller or IC is insufficient for connecting multiple peripheral devices or sensors. I/O Expanders provide a cost-effective solution for extending the I/O capabilities of a system without the need for additional complex wiring or hardware modifications. The price of I/O Expanders can vary based on several factors. One primary factor is the number of I/O pins offered by the expander, where higher pin counts typically result in higher prices. When purchasing I/O Expanders, assess your system's specific I/O requirements and determine the number of additional pins needed. Consider the compatibility of the I/O Expander with your microcontroller or digital device, ensuring that it supports the required communication protocols (e.g., I2C, SPI) and voltage levels. Evaluate the expander's features such as interrupt support, configurable I/O modes, and voltage regulation capabilities to meet your application's demands.