Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Microchip Technology$ 0.963015840I2C 1.8V~5.5V DFN-8-EP(3x3) Digital Potentiometersfile
Microchip Technology$ 1.08009000IC DGTL POT 50KOHM 257TAP 8MSOPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.88108735Digital Potentiometer ICs Single, 256-Tap Volatile, I2C, Low-Voltage Linear Taper Digital Potentiometerfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.87209596Digital Potentiometer ICs Single, 256-Tap Volatile, I2C, Low-Voltage Linear Taper Digital Potentiometerfile
Microchip Technology$ 1.108127720IC DGT POT 5KOHM 129TAP 16QFNfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.562043676Digital Potentiometer 64POS 10kOhm Single Automotive 10-Pin MSOP T/Rfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 1.179044669AD5160 - 256-Position SPI Compatible Digital Potentiometerfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.205014899Digital Potentiometer ICs 256-Tap SOT-PoT, Low-Drift Digital Potentiometers in SOT23file
Maxim Integrated$ 2.286028187Digital Potentiometer ICs 256-Tap SOT-PoT, Low-Drift Digital Potentiometers in SOT23file
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.80808400Digital Potentiometer 100kOhm 256POS Non-Volatile 10-Pin MSOP T/Rfile
Microchip Technology$ 1.206018660IC DGT POT 10KOHM 257TAP 20TSSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.662224000Digital Potentiometer ICs DUAL 8-BIT POTENTIOMETER TAPE AND REELfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 4.30209600IC DGTL POT 10KOHM 128TAP 8SOICfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.690415000Digital Potentiometer ICs SINGLE 8-BIT DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER 1Kfile
Maxim Integrated$ 3.010532400Digital Potentiometer ICs Nonvolatile Trimmer Potentiometerfile
Microchip Technology$ 2.53808870IC DGT POT 100KOHM 256TP 14TSSOPfile
Maxim Integrated$ 2.74507644IC DGTL POT 22KOHM 128TAP 10TDFNfile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.89506884IC DGT POT 50KOHM 256TAP 16TQFNfile
Maxim Integrated$ 3.033011433IC DGTL POT 45KOHM 64TAP 16TSSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 2.80269575IC DGTL POT 10KOHM 256TAP 10MSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 3.375013599IC DGT POT 200KOHM 256TP 14TSSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 5.877014997Digital Potentiometer 1kOhm 256POS Volatile Linear 14-Pin TSSOP T/Rfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 4.509025668IC DGTL POT 10KOHM 256TAP 8SOICfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 4.50903372Digital Potentiometer ICs SINGLE 8-BIT DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER 50Kfile
Maxim Integrated$ 4.239024658IC DGTL POT 45KOHM 64TAP 16SOfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 4.36058946IC DGT RHE 100KOHM 1024TP 10MSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 9.18007845Digital Potentiometer 50kOhm 256POS Volatile Linear 24-Pin TSSOP T/Rfile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.54405643IC DGT POT 10KOHM 256TAP 14TSSOPfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 5.56208500Digital Potentiometer ICs Single/Dual, +15 V/ 5 V, 256-Position, I2C-Compatible Digital Potentiometerfile
Maxim Integrated$ 5.79606111Digital Potentiometer ICs 10-Bit, Nonvolatile, Linear-Taper Digital Potentiometersfile
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Digital Potentiometers(DigiPOT) Overview
Digital Potentiometers, also known as digital pots or digipots, are electronic components that function similarly to traditional analog potentiometers but can be controlled digitally. They consist of resistive elements divided into segments, with a wiper that moves along the resistive track to adjust the output voltage or current. Digital potentiometers are used in various applications for voltage and current adjustments, such as instrumentation, programmable power supplies, and sensor calibration. The pricing of digipots varies based on several factors such as the resolution, resistance range, interface type, and package type. Higher-resolution digital potentiometers with wider resistance ranges and more advanced communication interfaces tend to be priced higher. When purchasing the digipots, consider the required resolution and resistance range for your application, as well as the interface compatibility with your microcontroller or digital control system. Evaluate additional features like non-volatile memory to retain settings during power-off, temperature compensation for stable performance across temperature variations, and package type for ease of integration into your PCB design.