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Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Molex$ 0.252016927BATT CONT SPRING MULT 1 CELL SMDfile
Signal Transformer$ 4.26609240BATT HOLDER D 1 CELL SOLDER LUGfile
Signal Transformer$ 0.26106037BATT CONT SOLID MULT 1 CELL SMDfile
Signal Transformer$ 0.161544321BATT CONT SPRING MULT 1 CELL SMDfile
Signal Transformer$ 0.16029450BATT HOLDER 2/3A 2 CELL SMDfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 26.46908580BATT HLDR AAA 4 CELL SOLDER LUGfile
Signal Transformer$ 3.98701857BATT HOLDER C 3 CELL SOLDER LUGfile
Signal Transformer$ 0.19801999CONN JACK MONO 3.55MMfile
Signal Transformer$ 0.24301901LAMP INCAN RG-3.5 MINI BAYO 6.3Vfile
Signal Transformer$ 217.92001512XFRMR AUTO 115/230V 750VAfile
Thomas Research Products®$ 87.99121322347/277:220V 245VA STEP-DOWNfile
ERP Power$ 18.62101535TRANSFORMER ISO 347/480V 160VAfile
ERP Power$ 64.36001520TRANSFORMER ISO 347/480V 300VAfile
Thomas Research Products®$ 177.28542255TRANSFRMR 120-277V/275VA STEP-UPfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 86.87701966TRANSFORMR AUTO 115-230VAC 500VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 59.73301544TRANSFORMER POTENTIAL 480/120file
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 289.60001518TRANSFRMR ISOL 230 TO 115V 100VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 683.88001510TRANSF AUTO 230-115V 1.5KVA USAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 617.20001507TRANSFMR ISOL 120 TO 240VCT 1KVAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 1040.74001504MEDICAL LINE ISOLATION 1000VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 1078.34001520TRANSFORMER - TOROIDAL ISOLATIONfile
Signal Transformer$ 429.66001535XFRMR ISO PWR 2KVA 9/18Afile
Signal Transformer$ 1347.06001510XFRMR ISO PWR 3KVA 14/28Afile
Triad Magnetics$ 33.89401658TRANSFORMER ISOLfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 99.72001508TRANSFORMR ISOL 115 TO 115V 15VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 112.60001503TRANSFMR 115V TAPS 85-125V 200VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 117.12001508TRANSFORMR ISOL 115 TO 115V 40VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 76.70001519TRANSFORMR AUTO 115-230VAC 300VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 131.54001507TRANSFORMR ISOL 115 TO 115V 60VAfile
Hammond Manufacturing®$ 132.74001511TRANSFORMER POTENTIAL 240/120file
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