Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Conec®$ 44.35201552CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Samtec$ 12.57301792CONNECTORfile
Hirose Electric$ 20.44001501CONN COUPLER RCPT SC-SC DUPLEXfile
JAE Electronics$ 60.88001506CONN ADAPTER RCPT FC-SC SIMPLEXfile
Conec®$ 88.52001509CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Hirose Electric$ 36.20001520CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Panduit®$ 122.16001519FAP W/6 LC DUPL ADAPTERS (LM) ZIfile
Radiall™$ 12.73501590LC CUT OUT WITH PANEL CLIP ADAPTfile
Radiall™$ 18.23401571SC SNAP-IN ADAPTOR WITH ZIRCONIAfile
Switchcraft$ 54.38001503CONN COUPLER RCPT ST-ST SIMPLEXfile
Conec®$ 48.88001935CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Weidmüller$ 50.02001502SCJR INSERTfile
Conec®$ 59.34001508CONN FIBER OPTIC COUPLERfile
Conec®$ 46.08901551CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Broadcom®$ 1.05418615- Circular Connectors & Cable Connectorsfile
JAE Electronics$ 47.52001592CONN COUPLER RCPT FC-FC SIMPLEXfile
Switchcraft$ 19.49401606CONN COUPLER RCPT ST-ST SIMPLEXfile
Phoenix Contact$ 76.20001510CONN COUPLR RCPT SCRJ-SCRJ DUPLXfile
Panduit®$ 139.79701597LC OS1/OS2 FAP LOADED WITH SIX Lfile
TE Connectivity AMP$ 12.92673102CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Conec®$ 31.13101739CONN COUPLER RCPT LC-LC DUPLEXfile
Phoenix Contact$ 251.80001503CONN COUPLR RCPT FSMA-FSMA SMPLXfile
Phoenix Contact$ 4.26601609FOC ADAPTER:ST/ST MMfile
Radiall™$ 8.00101644LC SNAP-IN MOUNTING ADAPTOR WITHfile
Radiall™$ 10.65601599SC ADPT D MM PC MTL SP-IN /100file
Panduit®$ 124.04001518ST FAP LOADED WITH SIX ST SIMPLEfile
Total 27
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