Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Vishay Intertechnology$ 0.12673308719.9V 13.3V 12V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 0.04371803845.4V 31.1V 28V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.05853790448.4V 33.3V 30V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Rectron Semiconductor$ 0.03974501553.3V 36.7V 33V SMC(DO-214AB) TVSfile
Rectron Semiconductor$ 0.79818903TVS DIODE 51VWM 82.4VC DO214ABfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.0878163517.5V@Typ 6V 5V@Max SOD-882 TVSfile
Würth Elektronik$ 0.396031896TVS DIODE 5VWM 7.7VC SOT23-6Lfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.792033263TVS DIODE 3.3VWM 6VC 10UDFNfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.700028100.5-pF, 5.5-V, ±12-kV ESD protection diode in 0402 package for High Speed Interfacesfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.5968557681-pF, ±3.6-V, ±30-kV ESD protection diode with 6.3-A 8/20-uS surge & low clamping in 0402 packafile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.387035591TVS DIODE 6VWM 9.2VC 2UDFNfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.0246170529.2V 6.4V 5V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Rectron Semiconductor$ 0.05511329218.6V 15.9V 13V DO-214AC TVSfile
Jingdao Microelectronics$ 0.01314070024.4V 16.7V 15V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 0.174836000TVS DIODE 20VWM 32.4VC SMCfile
Rectron Semiconductor$ 0.0585931038.9V 26.7V 24V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Rectron Semiconductor$ 0.03823960024.4V 16.7V 15V SMC(DO-214AB) TVSfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 0.293910800TVS DIODE 9VWM 15.4VC SMCfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.09653303424.4V 16.7V 15V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
SMC Diode Solutions$ 1.50576000TVS DIODE 22VWM 37.1VC P600file
SMC Diode Solutions$ 5.67006720TVS DIODE 36VWM 59.8VC P600file
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 15.00306000TVS DIODE 36VWM 61.5VC P600file
MDE Semiconductor, Inc.$ 0.11664500TVS DIODE 43VWM 73VC P600file
MDE Semiconductor, Inc.$ 18.79706000TVS DIODE 240VWM 387VC P600file
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 0.02541843510.3V 6.67V 6V SMB(DO-214AA) TVSfile
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 1.47607200TVS DIODE 12VWM 19.9V DO214 TR13file
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 1.30399000TVS 3KW 400V 5% UNI DO-214ABfile
Nexperia$ 0.180010152Clamp 7.1A (8/20µs) Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount DSN0603-2file
STMicroelectronics$ 0.049040381TVS DIODE 5.5VWM 11VC ST0201file
Littelfuse, Inc.$ 2.05996454TVS DIODE 16VWM 26VC P600file
Total 231
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