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Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Vishay Intertechnology$ 10.17004296CAPACITOR 90F -20% +80% 1.4V T/Hfile
Cornell Dubilier$ 8.415015000CAPACITOR 100F -10% +30% 2.7V THfile
Nichicon Corporation$ 22.46001405CAP 47F 20% 2.7V T/Hfile
Nichicon Corporation$ 9.81001739CAP 82F 20% 2.7V T/Hfile
Tecate Group$ 10.39501564CAP 15F -10% +20% 5.4V UCAP PACKfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 26.46901731CAPACITOR 90F -20% +80% 7V T/Hfile
Tecate Group$ 37.88101530CAP 650F 2.7V CHASSIS STUD MOUNTfile
LICAP Technologies, Inc.$ 160.08001708CAP LITH HYB 58F 0%/20% 16V CHASfile
ELNA America, Inc.N/A3000CAP 1F -20% +80% 2.7V T/Hfile
ELNA America, Inc.$ 3.56403198CAP 4.7F -20% +80% 2.5V T/Hfile
Tecate Group$ 4.00501565CAP 28F 2.7V THROUGH HOLEfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 4.34703894CAP 30F -20% +50% 3V T/Hfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 4.5630595230F 3,0V 18X25file
Vishay Intertechnology$ 3.68104740CAP 25F -20% +50% 2.7V T/Hfile
ELNA America, Inc.$ 4.26605964CAP 6F -20% +80% 2.5V T/Hfile
Kyocera AVX$ 3.33001867CAP 1.5F 0% +100% 5.5V T/Hfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 5.78701989CAP 30F -20% +50% 2.7V T/Hfile
LICAP Technologies, Inc.$ 13.17607059CAP LITH HYBRD 370F 0%/20% 3V THfile
Nichicon Corporation$ 15.18301699CAP 100F 20% 2.5V T/Hfile
Nichicon Corporation$ 18.18001521CAP 150F 20% 2.5V T/Hfile
LICAP Technologies, Inc.$ 43.34401611CAP LITH HYBRID 3000F 2.7V CHASfile
Cornell Dubilier$ 1.125059701.5F, 2.7V, 6.3X18MMfile
Tecate Group$ 1.66501838CAP 4F 3.0V T/Hfile
Tecate Group$ 1.79103522CAP 6F 3.0V T/Hfile
Cornell Dubilier$ 2.22301199411F, 3.0V, 10X30MMfile
Tecate Group$ 3.51904080CAP 25F 3.0V T/Hfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 3.67202000CAP ALUM 30F 2.7V 1000Hfile
Tecate Group$ 3.60901584CAP 35F 3.0V T/Hfile
Tecate Group$ 3.59103090CAP 38F 3.0V T/Hfile
Vishay Intertechnology$ 3.85201661CAP ALUM 30F 2.7V 2000Hfile
Total 1660
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Electric Double Layer Capacitors(EDLC/Supercapacitors) Overview
Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), commonly known as supercapacitors, are energy storage devices that store electrical energy via the electrostatic separation of charges. Unlike traditional capacitors, supercapacitors utilize a high surface area and a thin electrolyte layer to achieve a significant capacitance. They bridge the gap between conventional capacitors and batteries, offering rapid charge and discharge cycles along with high power density. EDLCs find applications in various fields that require quick bursts of energy. The market price of EDLCs vary based on factors such as capacitance, voltage rating, and brand. The prices range from a few dollars to several dozen dollars per unit, depending on the capacitance value and other specifications. When purchasing EDLCs, focus on key factors such as capacitance, voltage rating, cycle life and temperature range.These considerations help in selecting a supercapacitor that aligns with the specific needs of your project while ensuring long-term functionality and efficiency.