Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 0.5119225201MHz 2.8V~5.5V 1 Step-down type - DC-DC Controllersfile
Intersil Corporation$ 0.52217500VOLTAGE MODE PWM CONTROLLER 0.8Vfile
Micrel, Inc.$ 0.634818411BICMOS CURRENT-MODE PWM CONTROLLfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.7020271BICMOS Current-Mode PWM Controllerfile
Micrel, Inc.$ 0.716744982BICMOS CURRENT-MODE PWM CONTROLLfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.71101898BICMOS 1A CURRENT-MODE PWM CONTRfile
Microchip Technology$ 0.78301496BICMOS CURRENT-MODE PWM CONTROLLfile
Intersil Corporation$ 0.88057200Buck Regulator Positive Output Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 16-QFNfile
Intersil Corporation$ 0.90907500SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Intersil Corporation$ 0.98105880SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.02607500ML4900CS - HIGH CURRENT SYNCHRONfile
Fairchild SemiconductorN/A1841SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.02607500SYNCHRONOUS BUCK CONTROLLERfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.06207500HIGH CURRENT SYNCHRONOUS BUCK Cfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.071012000DUAL, HIGH-EFFICIENCY, STEP-DOWNfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.116042009SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Intersil Corporation$ 1.23307200VOLTAGE MODE PWM CONTROLLER 0.8Vfile
Intersil Corporation$ 1.41306000SWITCHING CONTROLLER, CURRENT/VOfile
Maxim Integrated$ 1.96206000Dual, High-Efficiency, Step-Down Controller with Accurate Current Limitfile
Renesas Electronics$ 1.980017669- AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Intersil Corporation$ 2.367012000MULTI-PHASE PWM CONTROLLER WITHfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.511960001MHz 2.8V~5.5V 1 Step-down type - DC-DC Controllersfile
Texas Instruments$ 2.85304500750kHz 8V~18V 1 Step-down type - DC-DC Controllersfile
Intersil Corporation$ 4.30203648SWITCHING CONTROLLER, CURRENT/VOfile
Intersil Corporation$ 0.91801926SWITCHING CONTROLLER, VOLTAGE-MOfile
Cherry SemiconductorN/A1900ANALOG, BUCK NFET CONTROLLERfile
Cherry SemiconductorN/A1099ANA BUCK NFET CONTROLLERfile
Renesas Electronics$ 2.62807500HIP6302 - MICROPROCESSOR CORE VOfile
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DC DC Switching Controllers Overview
DC-DC switching controllers are designed to regulate and control the conversion of DC (direct current) voltage from one level to another efficiently. They are commonly used in power supply circuits to step up (boost), step down (buck), or invert voltage levels while minimizing power losses. DC-DC switching controllers utilize switching techniques such as pulse-width modulation (PWM) to adjust the duty cycle of the output signal and maintain a stable output voltage. Basic DC-DC switching controllers with lower output current ratings and standard features can be relatively affordable. However, high-performance controllers with higher output currents, wider input/output voltage ranges, advanced features like soft-start, overcurrent protection, or synchronous rectification may cost more. When buying DC-DC switching controllers, consider the input/output voltage levels and output current rating for your power needs. Look at the switching frequency and efficiency to meet performance and power efficiency goals. Check for features like voltage regulation, protection against overvoltage/overcurrent, and thermal management. Ensure compatibility with your power supply type (buck, boost, buck-boost) and consider factors like PCB size, heat dissipation for integration and performance.