Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 0.266227866CRITICAL CONDUCTION MODE PFC CONfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 0.32769868POWER FACTOR CONTROLLER, VOLTAGEfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.179010684200kHz 18V - AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 3.37504500PDIP-16 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.04407500HIGH EFFICIENCY FLYBACK CONTROLfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 1.45806000ZVS AVERAGE CURRENT PFC CONTROLfile
Onsemi$ 1.38607500INT. CRITICAL MODE PFCfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 5.1390713076kHz 11V~16.5V - AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Texas Instruments$ 5.67001625PFC/PWM Combination controllers with 10.2V/9.7V VCC UVLO, 6.75V/3.55V PWM UVLO and 1:1 Freq. Ratiofile
Texas Instruments$ 0.96304362Transition mode PFC controller with 12.5V/9.7V UVLO and IEC61000-3-2 compliance, -40°C to 105file
STMicroelectronics$ 1.4940591610.3V~22V SOP-14 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.06201210265kHz 10V~21V PDIP-8 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
STMicroelectronics$ 0.19589600IC PFC CTRLR CCM 10SSOPfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.689520006-pin high performance CRM/DCM PFC controllerfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.233014874High Efficiency CCM PFC/LLC Combination controllerfile
Texas Instruments$ 4.032023709PFC/PWM Combination controller with 10.5V/10V VCC UVLO and 6.75V/3.75V PWM UVLO, 0°C to 70°Cfile
Texas Instruments$ 4.032016462PFC/PWM Combination controller with 10.5V/10V VCC UVLO and 6.75V/3.75V PWM UVLO, -40°C to 85°Cfile
Analog Devices, Inc.$ 4.72501880SOP-20-300mil AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.744219836Bipolar CCM PFC controller with 16V/10V UVLO and zero voltage transition, 0°C to 70°Cfile
Texas Instruments$ 11.223011464Bipolar CCM PFC controller with 10.5V/10V UVLO and zero voltage transition, –40°C to 85°Cfile
Monolithic Power Systems(MPS)$ 1.53004128CRM/DCM MULTI-MODE PFC CONTROLLEfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.053017453POWER FACTOR CONTROLLERfile
Monolithic Power Systems(MPS)$ 1.16452000CRM/DCM MULTI-MODE PFC CONTROLLEfile
Rochester Electronics$ 2.898011988MSOP-16-EP AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 0.66427410IC PFC CTRLR BCM 220KHZ 8SOP-Jfile
Onsemi$ 0.3683209899.5V~35V SOP-8 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Sanken Electric$ 1.33416000IC PFC CTRLR DCM 8SOPfile
STMicroelectronics$ 2.840029881MHz 10.3V~22V DIP-8 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Onsemi$ 0.396027247250kHz 10V~20V SOP-16 AC-DC Controllers & Regulatorsfile
Total 993
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Power Factor Controllers Overview
Power Factor Controllers are designed to improve the power factor of electrical systems. Power factor is a measure of how effectively electrical power is converted into useful work within a system. Low power factor can result in inefficient energy usage, increased electricity costs, and stress on electrical infrastructure. Power factor controllers monitor the power factor of the system and adjust the phase angle between voltage and current to improve efficiency and reduce reactive power consumption. These controllers are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to optimize energy usage and comply with power quality standards. The pricing of Power Factor Controllers can vary based on several factors. One significant factor is the power rating or capacity of the controller, as higher-power controllers capable of handling larger electrical loads typically command higher prices. When purchasing Power Factor Controllers, assess the power rating and capacity requirements of your electrical system to choose a controller that can handle the expected loads effectively. Consider the controller's control algorithm and functionality for automatic power factor correction (APFC) and harmonic mitigation to optimize energy efficiency and power quality. Evaluate communication interfaces for monitoring and control capabilities, as well as compatibility with your existing power management system.