Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 18.70204020IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9 UNI-DIRfile
Texas Instruments$ 20.142013323IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9file
Harris Semiconductor$ 20.14204578IC FIFO ASYNC 16X4 16CFPfile
Cypress Semiconductor$ 20.3400576010ns 16Kx36 60mA 2.97V~3.63V 66.7MHz TQFP-128(14x20) FIFO Memoryfile
Quality Semiconductor$ 20.41201724IC FIFO ASYNC 4KX9 15NSfile
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)$ 20.47508424IC FIFO ASYNC 64X4 20DIPfile
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)$ 20.745028526IC FIFO ASYNC 64X4 45NS 16DIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 20.74504500IC FIFO SYNC 1KX18 18NSfile
Texas Instruments$ 20.95204920IC FIFO SYNC 16X5 30NSfile
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)$ 21.57306450IC FIFO ASYNC 64X5 20DIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 21.879010500IC FIFO ASYNC 16KX9file
Texas Instruments$ 21.87909552IC FIFO ASYNC 16KX9 15NSfile
Cypress Semiconductor$ 21.978019474Kx18 8ns 45mA 4.5V~5.5V 100MHz TQFP-64(14x14) FIFO Memoryfile
Quality Semiconductor$ 22.26601626IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9 10NSfile
Texas Instruments$ 22.44608100IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9file
Cypress Semiconductor$ 22.518018298Kx18 15ns 30mA 3V~3.6V 40MHz TQFP-64(10x10) FIFO Memoryfile
Texas Instruments$ 23.04905814IC FIFO 512X32 BI-DIRECTIONALfile
Texas Instruments$ 23.49004932IC FIFO SYNC CMOSfile
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)$ 23.89505004IC FIFO ASYNC 64X5 20DIPfile
Quality Semiconductor$ 24.19209030IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9 10NSfile
Quality Semiconductor$ 24.28201772IC FIFO ASYNC 2KX9 12NSfile
Cypress Semiconductor$ 24.61504032128Kx9 15ns 25mA 3V~3.6V 40MHz TQFP-64(10x10) FIFO Memoryfile
Texas Instruments$ 25.34405322IC FIFO 512X32 BI-DIRECTIONALfile
Texas Instruments$ 25.34401781IC FIFO 512X32 BI-DIRECTIONALfile
Cypress Semiconductor$ 25.65901914IC FIFO SYNC 1KX9X2 6NS 120TQFPfile
Cypress Semiconductor$ 25.6590173310ns 100mA 4.5V~5.5V 66.7MHz TQFP-128(14x20) FIFO Memoryfile
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)$ 27.40508772IC FIFO ASYNC 64X5 20CDIPfile
Texas Instruments$ 28.48508478IC FIFO ASYNC 16X4 CMOSfile
Quality Semiconductor$ 29.09701934IC FIFO SYNC 4KX9 9NSfile
Texas Instruments$ 29.33103702IC FIFO 16X4 24CDIPfile
Total 4224
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FIFOs Memory Overview
FIFOs (First-In-First-Out) memory is a type of data storage device commonly used in electronic circuits, especially in digital systems and integrated circuits (ICs). The FIFO operates on the principle of queuing data, where the first data to enter (the "first-in" data) is also the first to be processed or retrieved (the "first-out" data). This sequential data storage mechanism is crucial in scenarios where data needs to be processed in the order it was received. The capacity of the FIFO, measured in terms of the number of data elements it can store, significantly impacts its price. Larger capacity FIFOs capable of storing more data elements generally come at a higher cost. Advanced features such as built-in error checking and correction mechanisms may contribute to a higher price tag compared to basic FIFO models. When purchasing FIFOs memory, determine the required capacity of the FIFO based on your application's data buffering and processing needs. Consider the speed requirements of your system and choose a FIFO with an appropriate data transfer rate to avoid bottlenecks. Pay attention to the FIFO's interface compatibility (e.g., parallel, serial) and voltage requirements to ensure seamless integration into your circuit design.