Part NumberManufacturersUnit PriceAvailabilityDescriptionDatasheetAction
Texas Instruments$ 0.3176532133.3-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 4-channel video switchfile
Onsemi$ 0.84603903FSA2147 - Audio and Wired-OR USB2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbps) Switch with Negative Signal Capability and Built-in Terminationfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.90004965USB-C/PD high voltage power switch for sink with 5V dead battery LDOfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.688318000IC SWITCH TPDT DIFF XQFN24file
Renesas Electronics$ 1.143011115IC USB SWITCH SP3T DUAL 12TQFNfile
Onsemi$ 2.44002377QFN-10(1.4x1.8) Analog Switches - Special Purposefile
Onsemi$ 0.306045367IC USB SWITCH DPST US8file
Onsemi$ 0.306024855IC SWITCH 3PDT 24UMLPfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 17.54107514Telecommunications Switch IC 3 Channel 24-X1LGA (2.4x1.7)file
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.389827129IC VGA SWITCH 32HWQFNfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.527715827PCI Express Switch 1 Port 2-CH 14-Pin DHX2QFN EP T/Rfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.354427448Dual SP2T Micro-USB Switch with integrated impedance and charger detectionfile
Onsemi$ 0.392989742:1 MIPI D-PHY (1.5 GBPS) 4-DATAfile
Texas Instruments$ 0.7035196803.3-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 4-channel 10/100 Base-T LAN switchfile
Fairchild Semiconductor$ 0.333034460IC SWITCH OCTAL SPST 20DQFNfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 0.63364521DPDT TYPE (DOUBLE POLE DOUBLE THfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.618839682IC MUX/DEMUX 2:1 4CH 42HVQFNfile
ROHM Semiconductor$ 0.85146423MSOP-8 Analog Switches / Multiplexersfile
STMicroelectronics$ 0.443814700IC VIDEO SWITCH SPDT QD 16-TSSOPfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 0.998038309IC DIFF SWITCH 2:1 HUQFN16file
Diodes Incorporated$ 1.881011628PCIE SWITCH V-QFN2545-20file
ROHM Semiconductor$ 5.10001520IC VIDEO SIGNAL SWITCHERS 8SOPfile
Renesas Electronics$ 2.08807194Multiplexer Switch ICs CD/MP3 QUALITYSTEREO MUX W/MUTINGfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 1.161010069DHVQFN-20-EP(2.5x4.5) Analog Switches / Multiplexersfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 4.82001729PCIE SWITCH W-QFN3060-40 T&R 3.5file
Diodes Incorporated$ 1.548016800PCIE SWITCH X1-QFN2040-24 T&R 3.file
Texas Instruments$ 1.0890118984x6-channel USB Type-C™ Alternate Mode mux/demuxfile
Diodes Incorporated$ 2.29501620IC MUX/DEMUX 2:1 8 OHM 48TSSOPfile
NXP Semiconductors$ 1.450348000IC MUX CROSSBAR SW USB VFBGA40file
Renesas Electronics$ 5.52001812IC MULTIPLEXER DUAL SPDT 10TDFNfile
Total 2131
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Special Purpose Analog Switches Overview
Special Purpose Analog Switches are designed specifically for switching analog signals in electronic systems. These switches are used to route analog signals between various input and output channels or devices, providing functionality such as signal multiplexing, channel selection, and signal routing in applications such as audio/video equipment, instrumentation, data acquisition systems, and communication devices. Advanced analog switches with higher channel counts, faster switching speeds, wider bandwidths, and special features may command a higher price compared to basic models. When purchasing Special Purpose Analog Switches, focus on determining the required channel count and configuration, along with the switching speed and bandwidth specifications needed for your application's analog signal routing. Consider additional features such as voltage level translation, protection mechanisms, low on-resistance, and low leakage current for enhanced performance and reliability.