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24-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width) Tube


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ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Integrated Circuits (ICs)Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers
Product StatusObsolete
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / Case24-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width)
TypePLL Frequency Synthesizer
Supplier Device Package24-TSSOP
Frequency - Max2.5GHz, 550MHz
Number of Circuits1
Voltage - Supply2.7V ~ 5.5V
P L LYes with Bypass
Ratio - Input: Output3:3
Differential - Input: OutputYes/No
Divider/ MultiplierYes/No
Base Product NumberLMX2350

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Environmental & Export Classifications
EU RoHS StatusROHS3 Compliant
MSL Rating1 (Unlimited, 30°C/85%RH)
REACH StatusREACH Unaffected
HTS US8542.39.0001
China RoHS StatusOrange Symbol: Safe for use during the environmental protection period
Description (v) Features
The IC component LMX2350TM/NOPB is a versatile and highly-integrated frequency synthesizer that offers exceptional performance in various applications. Some key features of this component are: 1. Wide Frequency Range: The LMX2350TM/NOPB supports a frequency range from 10 MHz to 6000 MHz, making it suitable for a wide range of wireless communication systems, including cellular networks, satellite communications, and wireless local area networks (WLANs). 2. Fractional-N PLL Architecture: The component utilizes a fractional-N phase-locked loop (PLL) architecture, allowing it to achieve high-frequency resolution and low phase noise performance. This makes it an excellent choice for applications that require precise frequency synthesis. 3. High Integration: The LMX2350TM/NOPB integrates several essential components into a single chip, including a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), a phase frequency detector (PFD), a charge pump, and a programmable divider. This high level of integration simplifies the design process and reduces the overall system footprint. 4. Low Phase Noise: The PLL design of the LMX2350TM/NOPB ensures low phase noise, which is crucial for maintaining signal quality and achieving high-performance communication systems. This feature makes it suitable for applications requiring low bit-error rates and high data throughput. 5. Versatile Modulation Formats: The component supports various modulation formats, including frequency shift keying (FSK), phase shift keying (PSK), and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM). It allows flexible configuration for different wireless communication standards and protocols. 6. Serial Interface: The LMX2350TM/NOPB features a serial interface that enables easy control and configuration of the device. It supports both 3-wire and 4-wire serial interfaces, providing compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers or digital signal processors (DSPs). 7. Low Power Consumption: The component is designed to operate with low power consumption, making it ideal for battery-powered devices and applications where power efficiency is a critical factor. 8. Enhanced Spurious Performance: The LMX2350TM/NOPB incorporates advanced spurious reduction techniques, ensuring a clean and interference-free output signal. This feature helps in meeting stringent regulatory requirements for spectral purity, thereby simplifying system-level compliance. 9. Flexible Frequency Planning: The device offers a flexible frequency planning scheme, allowing precise control over the output frequency. With various frequency dividers and multiplexers, it enables easy frequency synthesis and planning for different system requirements. 10. Programmability and Customization: The LMX2350TM/NOPB can be efficiently programmed and customized through its serial interface, facilitating easy adaptation to different system configurations and frequency requirements. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in telecommunications, wireless infrastructure, and consumer electronics. In summary, the LMX2350TM/NOPB is a highly-integrated and versatile frequency synthesizer that offers excellent performance in terms of frequency range, phase noise, and power consumption. Its numerous features and programmability make it an ideal choice for various wireless communication systems demanding precise and reliable frequency synthesis.

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24-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width) Tube
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