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A global industry leader in fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent 15 years developing and perfecting the HLC® interconnect. Our patented technology and process results in the only reference grade interconnect that is reliable, rugged, repeatable and provides maximum performance. With millions of fiber assemblies deployed worldwide from our Austin, TX facility, our fiber optic technology has been proven time and again to solve many of the problems encountered in network deployment and maintenance. We have also used the HLC® process as the foundation to develop unique passive fiber optic solutions for our customers. Our on-site fiber optic cable assembly as well as custom 3D printing are key features differentiating Megladon from many competitors. On-site manufacturing capabilities not only cut lead time but help fulfill orders for customers at a lower cost. When you order through Megladon, we will design, manufacture, assemble, and deliver straight from our facility in Austin. For customers with a Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliance requirement, this means that governmental agencies and others can use our products with “made in the USA” confidence.