Quality inspection of semiconductor components

For the past two years, we have been working hard towards a goal, and we are proud to say that we have achieved it. As an electronic components distributor, we don't just focus on your happiness of finding scarce products, but we also care about the anxiety when you receive the goods.

Even though we are just a relatively unknown distributor, we still strive to make the entire process transparent and streamlined, making an effort for you and the semiconductor industry.

Why is it about semiconductors?

Since the second half of 2020, "shortage" has become a popular term in the semiconductor industry. Due to the shortage of wafer foundry capacity, the phenomenon of supply chain shortages and price increases has emerged in various segments of the electronic components field, and the shortage wave has caused a domino effect, leading to the proliferation of a large number of fake and refurbished products in the market, and making the semiconductor industry temporarily chaotic.

Taking the first step is crucial.

To ensure the quality of semiconductor components, Dasenic established a QC laboratory in January 2021 to conduct 100% QC testing on all materials, ensuring that no fake products reach customers.

Dasenic's QC laboratory has introduced more than 30 professional testing instruments and equipment, such as X-RAY, ultrasonic scanners, DC low-resistance testers, field-effect transistor sorting testers, transistor characteristic plotters, digital storage oscilloscopes, programmable constant temperature and humidity test chambers, microcomputer lead-free soldering furnaces, etc., to perform X-RAY non-destructive inspection, full label comparison, electrical performance testing, appearance inspection, solderability testing, environmental temperature testing, and opening testing on all materials, ensuring the professionalism and authority of the test results.

The team members of the QC laboratory come from well-known companies and third-party laboratories in the industry, with more than 10 years of testing experience. During the quality inspection, they strictly follow the industry inspection standards of "IDEA-STD-1010B" and use multiple inspection procedures to identify products with quality defects that are difficult to detect, ensuring the safety of your electronic component supply chain.