IC Foreign Trade Salesperson

Bank of Communications Building,Futian

At least half a year of work experience

College diploma



1、Conduct foreign trade business of electronic components through various forms of sales channels such as telephone sales, online sales (FB/Google/LinkedIn/Skype), expand overseas markets, develop foreign customers, and maintain daily contact with customers.

2、Use various platforms to develop new customers and facilitate orders, responsible for customer file creation, management, and tracking.

3、Handle various electronic component requirements of customers, provide quotations according to customer characteristics, and follow up on subsequent activities.

4、Fulfill customer orders (contract signing, material progress, shipment, timely receipt of payment, etc.), ensure timely shipment of goods, and ensure timely recovery of payment, complete orders until closed loop.


1、Age range: 22-40 years old, with full-time college degree or above, and proficiency in English as a working language.

2、More than half a year of working experience in foreign trade sales of electronic components/ICs/chips, with certain customer resources preferred.

3、Familiar with various office software, understand foreign trade business processes, and have the ability to independently develop customers.

4、Able to withstand work pressure, income is proportional to pressure, proactive and hardworking.

5、Possess good teamwork spirit, and able to grow together with the company.

Company benefits:

Working hours from 9:15 am to 6:15 pm, with weekends off.

Purchase of five insurances and one fund upon employment.

Located in a first-class office building in Futian District with convenient transportation and beautiful surrounding commercial environment.

Regular team building activities, such as dinners, training, tourism, year-end bonuses, etc.

Humanized management, relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere.

Salary details:

Salary range: 7,000-10,000 yuan/month

Base salary: 7,000 yuan/month

Social insurance type: five insurances and one fund

Bonus subsidies: year-end bonus, performance bonus, full attendance bonus, festival welfare.